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Featuring Canberra ceramic artist Monika Leone and exhibitions by some of Australia's most talented artists.

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Majolica works

Click on each picture to view albums

Click on each picture to view albums

Majolica is tin glazed earthenware introduced into Europe from Moorish Spain by way of the island of Majorca and produced in Italy from the 14th century. 
The Italians raised this form of ceramics to it present high art form. 

Much of my majolica is inspired by Australian wildflowers, with a 'Prestonesque' technique, although I also enjoy painting abstract designs.

My work is wheel thrown, hand painted and thrice fired with 22ct gold lustre. For those you technically minded, I use a fine white porcelaineous clay with a white zircon glaze then painted with ceramic colours. I fire to 1220° C and apply 22ct gold lustre before a third firing to 750° C. 


Conceptual and Fanciful
Earth Bound I and II
This body of work represents two distincts interests. 

In the first, I create fanciful, larger than life birds inspired mainly by extinct and/or prehistoric varieties. I give each bird its own personality and name. I also create fanciful floral garden sculptures.

In the second body of work I cononcentrate on "conceptual" themes such as the example above "Earth Bound I and II" in which I have layered different coloured stoneware clays. This is my way of referencing the form, surface and texture of the earth that surrounds us. 

In this conceputal work I search for the essence of the material's structure and the qualities it naturally posseses.

Hand-built coil and raku works

These pieces are handbuilt using coils and slabs of a versatile and groggy clay called BRT. 

When highly fired, iron spots come to the surface and glisten in the sun. 

Raku is a Japanese pottery style with roots in the development of the 'tea ceremony' about 400 years ago. Raku is a low-fired, glazed pottery. 

When red-hot, pieces are removed with tongs and placed in a metal container usually with sawdust or paper to catch carbon which is infused into the body. This is a quick, spontaneous way of firing with unpredictable results (risks as the quick thermal shock can crack some work). 


Past Exhibitions:
(Please contact us if you are interested in any available works from these recent exhibitions)

Capital Teapot Show 11-19 July, 2015
Visiting Chileasn guest artist Sergio Leon exhibits his Steel and Bronze Fish Sculptures
Reflections, Light & Shadows - Berendina de Ruiter and Susanne McLean
Alan Harding Memory of Use An exhbition of still life paintings
Rick Godfrey - Lake Mungo Sandscapes
Phil Ryan - Aspects of New South Wales rainforests
Berendina de Ruiter - carved sculpture in Italian Carrara and Australian marble and other
Isabel Cisneros-Flexible Sculpture from Venezuela
Annual Exhibition by members of Art in Miniature (AIM) Canberra
An exhibition of select art works by Indigenous inmates
Mother and Son - Caroll and Peter Pichelmann - Oils and textile and fibre works
Group exhibition by members of Art in Miniature (AIM) Canberra
Hanging Together-Group exhibition by members of the Artists Society of Canberra
Ian Sharpe - The Essence of Being Textured acrylics on canvas
Joy Georgeson - Ceramic Sculpture
Jacqueline Lewis - Ikbana Sculptural Vessels
Vicki & Tracey Lianos: Sculptural art jewellery. Matt de Marco: Glass pieces
Nature and Cityscapes - Shirley Crapp, Justine Dunmore, Marie Graham
Lorna Crane, Jo Hollier, Maryann Mussared - Mixed media, prints, objects
Rick Godfrey landscape/nature acrylics - read media release
Sarah Rice "Carrying Over" ceramic platters - read media release
Linda Davey ceramics and Soraya Takalou oils - media release
Contempoary Indigenous sculpture and paintings by Liz mcNiven
Riverina Breeze - Noel Hicks, Karen Bellincanta and Lorraine Blackwell
Oils by Ritchey Sealy and "Soda Vapour" Ceramics by Robyn Gough
Duality - Ceramics by susan Harper and Acrylics by Kerry Shepherdson
Oils by Emilia Rossi and Hebel block indoor/outdoor sculpture by Lars Nissen
Common Ground - Sculpture by Berendina de Ruiter, Peter King & Sebastiano Leta
Textures - textile art by Trevor and Beth Reid and Christine Rushall
Viv Martin - Beaches, Bods and the Odd Muso
Dwellings - textiles by Belinda Jessup, Martine Peters, Emma Rees, Lucie Verhelst
Geolittoral - paintings & photographs by bushwalking siblings Anne & John Tassie
Liliana Johnsona and Kerry Shepherdson

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