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Featuring Canberra ceramic artist Monika Leone and regular  exhibitions by some of Australia's most talented artists.

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Hanging Together
Group exhibition by members of the Artists Society of Canberra
7 - 25 November 2007
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Origins, Sue-Ellen Keir, Acrylic, $490
Origins (deatil), Sue-Ellen Keir, Acrylic, $490
Stop the Music (detail), Sue-Ellen Keir, Acrylic, $420
Yarralumla Drought, Jacquie Rogers, Acrylic, $495
Out of the Earth II, Jacquie Rogers, Mixed Media, $720
Midnight in the Garden, Jacquie Rogers, Acrylic, $600
Flowers for Peter, Sue-Ellen Keir, Acrylic, $270
Georgian Dancers, Anna Birch, Pastels, $295
Shady Path, Anna Birch, Pastels, $195
Skyfire I, Jacquie Rogers , Acrylic, $600
Skyfire II, Jacquie Rogers , Acrylic, $600
Mars, Jenny Leake, Acrylic, $350
Purple Tulips, oil, Madeleine Dornan, $250
Bouquet, Jenny Leake, Acrylic, $280
Confusion, Jenny Leake, Acrylic, $180
Rush Hour, Anna Birch, Oil, $350
Floral Spray, Jenny Leake, Acrylic, $400
Serendipity, Madeleine Dornan, Oil , $360
King of the Ice, Anna Birch, Watercolour, $230
Tina Sleeping, Rosemary Farrell, Pastels, $520
Vermillon Lakes, Canada, Madeleine Dornan, oil, $480
Old Rock, Guerilla Bay, Rosemary Farrell, Pastels, $640
A Tranquil Place, Rosemary Farrell, Watercolour, $460

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