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Isabel Cisneros-Flexible Sculpture from Venezuela
28th November - 12th December 2008
First exhibition in Australia by Venezuelan ‘flexible sculpture’ artist Isabel Cisneros, sponsored by the Embassy of Venezuela in Australia.
Ms Cisneros creates her works with a variety of media but her Australian exhibition feature ceramic works threaded wtih steel.
Scroll down to see a sample of her works. Not all will be available at this exhibition.
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All you need is love


Campanas - Bells

Tres en uno - Three in One


El mar es una gota - The sea is a drop

Mesh 1


Anemona Azul - Blue Anemone

Anemonas rosadas y verdes - Pink and Green Anemones 

Erizo - Hedgehog
For more examples of this artist's work go to her website at www.isabelcisneros.com

Media Release
Venezuelan ‘flexible sculpture’ artist in first Australian exhibition

Mawson Gallery presents the first exhibition in Australia by Venezuelan ‘flexible sculpture’ artist Isabel Cisneros.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Embassy of Venezuela in Australia.

An award winning artist with works in Europe and New York, Ms Cisneros also teaches pottery, sculpture and firing at the Graduate School , Universidad de Carabobo in Venezuela.

She creates her works with a variety of media  but her Australian exhibition will feature mainly ceramic works.

Born in Venezuela in 1962,  Ms Cisneros studied with various established artists and more formally at the  Instituto de Diseño Fundación Neumann and the Asociacion Venezolana de las Artes del Fuego.
Starting as a traditional potter producing functional ware, Ms Cisneros says her “restless and eager enthusiasm” led her to using clay and mixed media to make more conceptual sculptural pieces. 

She says her curiosity and need for experimentation has seen her work through a constant process of evolution.

Ms Cisneros uses elements in everyday life and in nature and their texture and movement to inspire her works.

With the aim of “creating the most with the least possible resources” she makes almost identical modules in unglazed clay and then threads them to form a woven piece of art.

Her most recent work consists of weaving and stringing small pieces of clay and mixed media to create unique sculptures which can be arranged in different formats allowing viewers to form their own interpretations of the compositions.

The exhibition at MAWSON GALLERY, 63 Wilkins Street, Mawson runs from 28th November - 12th December, 2008.  Opening hours are 10.30am – 5.30pm Wednesday to Sunday. Or by appointment anytime.  Phone 6161 2177,  mobile 0407 006 332.

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