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Media Release -  12 August, 2005

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ART HAPPENS!  When you wait for it….

Emilia Rossi – a young, emerging designer-painter waits for art to emerge from her dreams…..Lars Nissen, a seasoned sculptor waits for the “patterns of nature” to guide his art. 

Despite the difference in their age and stage in life, the work of these Canberra artists on exhibition at Mawson Gallery this week, conveys the timeless wisdom  that art will not be rushed.

“Most of my creativity is derived and inspired through my dreams. Sometimes it will take hours, days or even months for me to truly refine my ideas before I start painting them,” Emilia says.

“I see myself as a designer-artist, designing my images and then incorporating them in an artistic form onto canvas. I want the viewer to see my paintings and instantly feel the positive energy that I paint with even when I am in an angry or stressed state.

“My work reflects the intricate and most unique journey that I have experienced so far to get to where I am in my life. I know that, in time, my style will develop and mature even more.”

Lars, who carves large hebel blocks, is inspired by the similarity in the millions of patterns in nature.

“Anyone who has looked at the great canyon on Mars, looked closely at a piece of jasper and looked through a microscope at finely ground minerals cannot but see a great similarity in structure between all of them,” he says.

“Show the pattern on a spiny spider to a mathematician and he will tip it to be a fractal image.

“It is from observations such as these that I draw my inspiration. But rather then trying to copy that which nature has most eloquently provided us, I let it work on me and express in hours of contemplation, the effect it has on me in my sculptures. 

“Often (when I am working well) they take on forms which are neither planned not foreseen,” he said.

The exhibition begins at MAWSON GALLERY, 63 Wilkins Street, Mawson on 17 August and runs until 11 September.  Opening hours are 10.30am – 5.30pm Wednesday to Sunday. Or by appointment anytime.  Phone 6161 2177,  mobile 0438 473 902.

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