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Media Release -  7 August, 2006
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Painting with thread, printing 
on porcelain & woven tapestries

The latest exhibition at Mawson Gallery features three Canberra artists who, respectively, ‘paint’ with thread, ‘print’ on porcelain and weave recycled items into new tapestry art works.

Shirley Crapp has worked for more than 40 years in various media, especially in printmaking, collage and pastel.  Her latest work uses free machine embroidery, which she also refers to as “painting with thread”. 

“Working very densely, with many changes of colour, I build up an image of extreme subtlety, without loss of form,” Shirley says. “Working from my own photographs, using just the form and colour of each photograph, I prefer to depict intimate images, rather than scenic landscapes. My passion is for rock forms in particular.”  Shirley has exhibited in five solo shows in Sydney, Newcastle and Armidale.

Ceramic artist Justine Dunmore graduated last year from the Canberra School of Art where she won the coveted ANU Art Collection Acquisitive Award.

Her delicate, but powerful porcelain and clay pottery works with integrated lithography of city forms on the surface, is a continuation of her graduating work from the ANU. Her work was inspired by her exchange to Glasgow in Scotland and visits to various places in Europe. 

“My experience of Glasgow is reflected in the imagery I use. I found that my environment in Glasgow was distinctly different from that of Canberra.  I found myself surrounded by large, old buildings that seem to hold a memory and history,” Justine said. 

Textile artist Marie Graham’s woven tapestries reflect her strong feelings for the environment and her urge to “take it away with me in the form of drawing or some other form of creative expression.” 

“Woven tapestry – with its freedom of design and interpretation - fulfills my urge to graphically express my feeling of the gift of life,” she said.  “Recycled materials have been finding their way more into my work. Man-made or natural, these discarded items are still part of our world and give relevance to the completed work.”

Marie’s initial inspirations came from the red rocks of Devonshire in Britain, though  in recent years her work has been impassioned by the colourful cliffs and waterways of the Central Coast around Gosford and the clear blue skies of Canberra. 

The exhibition begins at MAWSON GALLERY, 63 Wilkins Street, Mawson 9 August and runs until 10 September.  Gallery opening hours are 10.30am – 5.30pm Wednesday to Sunday or by appointment anytime.  Phone 6161 2177,  mobile 0407 006 332.   High resolution photographs are available at


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