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Media Release - 9 February 2005

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Clay creatures and acrylic metaphors at Mawson Gallery
Abstract clay creatures with “big attitudes” and acrylic paintings which celebrate the inevitable passage of time are the themes at Mawson Gallery’s first exhibition of the year. 

Ceramicist Liliana Johnson and painter Kerry Shepherdson are both Canberra artists and graduates of the ANU’s Institute of Arts. The exhibition starting on February 12 at Mawson Gallery showcases their latest works.

Gallery owner Monika Leone says Kerry uses plant forms and colours as metaphors for life and change and to express the idea of continuity in the natural world.

“Her wonderful triptych and diptych canvases are splashed with colours and forms which use abstracted plant forms to celebrate the inevitable passage of time.

“Her paintings create an illusion of a vast atmospheric space full of lyrical balance and harmony which envelopes the viewer and invites an intimate engagement with the work,” Monika said.

Liliana’s latest body of ceramics led her to “unexpected places” seeing humour emerge in her work.

“A family of little creatures that have marched out of my imagination with their big attitudes and bright colours are all made with paper clay and several applications of dry glazes,’ she said.

“A series of tall cylinders taking on characteristics of people around me, each with organic textured imprints and geometric details that pick up multiple layers of dry glazing,” she said.

Liliana’s work includes three-dimensional, self-standing clay sculptures and wall hanging “landscapes” using a variety of media such as low fired, polished porcelain. 

Mawson Gallery also displays work by owner and ceramic artist Monika Leone.  “I’m pleased and very proud to start this year’s season with two such talented Canberra artists,” Monika said. 

Mawson Gallery will have new exhibitions each month throughout the year.

The exhibition begins at MAWSON GALLERY, 63 Wilkins Street, Mawson on February 12 and runs until March 6.  Opening hours are 10.30am – 5.30pm Wednesday to Sunday. Or by appointment anytime.  Phone 6161 2177,  mobile 0438 473 902.

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