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Media Release -  13 June 2005

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Mawson Gallery "Textures" textiles explore paradise, home, Canberra 

The latest exhibition at Mawson Gallery – Textures – features textiles which explore themes ranging from Canberra’s architecture, the comforts of home and the idea of “paradise” in holiday advertising.

The three artists showing their work in “Textures” are Willow Hart, Trevor Reid and Christine Rushall - all graduates of Canberra’s School of Art.

Willow Hart’s series of striking, screen printed wall hangings use abstract colour, layering and repetition to explore what she calls the “reality of tourism and the fictitious nature of paradise.”

“The deserted beach paradise depicted on tourist brochures and other advertising media intrigues me as the reality of these places is often far removed from the projected image of them,” she says.

“I  use lines to capture the essence of transience, the impermanent nature of human imprints, and appliqué – because it can be unpicked and changed - to emphasise a sense of the temporary.”

Trevor Reid's work is newly composed textiles using pieces of old blanket, secondhand materials and found objects collected over many years.

“My work explores the feeing that as we age, so do our surroundings. As a child, I lived in a house which had been the family home for many years. The wood stove had smoked the kitchen, paint peeled and floors were covered with a patchwork of carpet and linoleum. 

“Our house was not alone. Many of our friends and family lived in homes that also showed the patina of age,” he says. 

Christine Rushall’s bold tapestries of architectural images are inspired by her Canberra surroundings. 

 “I was immediately fascinated by this purpose built city when I first came here 20 years age.  It was clean and ordered and very white against a cold blue, winter sky.  This image has stayed with me,” she said.

“Tapestry and architecture have a lot of similarities - they both need solid foundations and support structures and they both start at the bottom and work up using horizontal and vertical components.”

The exhibition begins at MAWSON GALLERY, 63 Wilkins Street, Mawson on 15 June and runs until 10 July.  Opening hours are 10.30am – 5.30pm Wednesday to Sunday. Or by appointment anytime.  Phone 6161 2177,  mobile 0438 473 902.

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